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EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: approached by anarchists about conspiring to make anti-pipeline videos in exchange for funding.

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The People’s Republic of Walmart (w/ Leigh Phillips & Michal Rozworski) Show more

It appears I got discovered by a right wing instance that is lead by a guy who does regular youtube rants with an actual metal pot on top of his head. and he has thousands of followers on here.

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*pirate radio voice* welcome to the free speech zone! i'm, fuckin, uhh, ted, and i'm here to freak you out with the real shit the government doesn't want you to hear.

tonight: i hope they serve beer in hell by tucker max. chapter one:

@JohnBrownJr some of those bad elements are migrating to mastodon in large numbers. I guess it's easier to ignore them on here if you're not federated with certain instances.

I'm also thinking of buying either cross country skis or snowshoes so I can do something outside while we have so much snow. I've been sleeping way more, eating a lot less and trying not to drink every night I get bored

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amy klobuchar Show more

Joyful Militancy Show more

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Fortunately, no country was ever more suited for anarchist agitation than present-day America.
-- Johann Most

#anarchism #quote #bot

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NM gov pulls Nat'l Guard from border Show more

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For this year’s fundraiser we thought, why not pass our pleas for taco money on to some billionaire philanthropists?
First step of this poorly conceived scheme was to hit up George Soros and see if he was dolling out lefty rev $$$ as so many right wingers seem to think.

work rant Show more

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This video about our community ran emergency warming shelters features music I composed!

I just came back inside from shoveling and the president is singing happy birthday on live TV

Don't rely on FB for live streaming your events Show more

Day 4 at #MDCBrooklyn. Even heavier police presence despite significantly smaller crowd. Lots of riot gear and rifles. Now a giant fence with a spotlight at the entrance. I asked one of the armed guards why so many police today, he said: “anything can happen.” Show more

The only way you should watch the state of the union speech tonight is on Fox News

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